Rigorous and groundbreaking science is at the core of what we do at GMP

Our R&D activities are focused on applying excellent science to discover and develop potential new medicines utilizing common and rare cannabinoids as the main API. We approach each new indication-based therapeutic formula to become best-in-class.


1. Cardiac Amyloidosis

2. Tourette Syndrome

3. Acquired Neuromyotonia

4. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

5. Cerebral Palsy

6. Trigeminal Neuralgia

7. Tardive Dyskinesia


Autism Spectrum Disorder

Phase 3

Cardiac Amyloidosis

Phase 2

Pain, Sleep & Mood

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Product Portfolio

Patented Intellectual Property

Our R&D lab, led by our experienced product development
team has perfected several different proprietary
nano-suspended formulas that will be first-to-market in the
Cannabis landscape. From fine-mist sublingual sprays to
nebulizer formulas to IV drips, our team is ensuring
ground-breaking formulas and perfect dosing methods for
an array of medicinal relief.

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Strategic Partnerships

GMP Discovery has affiliations with some of
the top institutions in the following countries:

Canada, Israel, Germany, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, UAE, India, & Japan