Science. Education. Advocacy.

GMP is creating a world where everyone has access to safe, trusted, consistent medical alternatives to optimize their healing.

Our research unlocks the healing potential of medical cannabis and leads the way to a healthier world through science, education, and advocacy.

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Our DNA is data-driven and proven to help people live better.

As global citizens, we work passionately towards a future where untreatable conditions are managed, suffering is reduced, and hope is restored.

A world where knowledge overcomes stigma, education overcomes fear, and better science leads to better health.



Practices (GMP) Portfolio

We are bringing medicinal cannabis into the 21st century with pharmaceutical-grade treatments for patients. We prescribe GMP Standard products for a range of ailments.

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Sharing the latest developments and education in medical cannabis science, therapeutics, public policy, and the marketplace.


Working in partnership with policymakers around the world to ensure medical cannabis is available for everyone.


Research and development for quality, safety, and effectiveness. Designing and developing proprietary products and technologies.


Virtual or in-person tailored treatment plans by licensed clinicians with specialized knowledge of the medical uses of cannabis.


Casual, comfortable environments, providing over-the-counter access to the latest medical cannabis products.


Producing, processing, packaging, and distribution of clinically-proven medical cannabis products.

Advanced, proprietary scientific knowledge

We deliver trusted, evidence-based medical cannabis products, backed by rigorous clinical trials, decades of patient experience, and sustainably produced in state-of-the-art facilities.

Our unique combination of scientific rigor and industry expertise allows us to not only develop breakthrough medical cannabis products but educate patients, providers, and governments on their safe, effective use.


Renowned Genetics. Proven Formulations. Effective Treatments.



Years ahead of the rest of the world with exclusivity driven by clinical data and trials.



Our patients have
reported relief of their symptoms.



Our formulations have been prescribed to tens of thousands of patients.

News & Events

Cannabis Conference 2020 Cannabinoid Based Medicine

April 24, 2020 – York University

Canadian Collaborative Research Network (CCRN) is a not-for-profit physician organization, actively developing and providing quality continuing medical education programs in Canada. This program will cover a wide variety of topics aimed to provide family…

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Cann-Expo: production and manufacture of medical cannabis

February 28, 2020 – Health Europa

Set to become the leading international B2B commercial science event for medical cannabis, the Cann-Expo is launching in Athens, October 21-22. Cann-Expo knows the global medical cannabis industry is maturing, and that people are more aware than ever.…

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Cannabis producers in Canada are now offering value brands

February 28, 2020 – CNBC

The legal cannabis market in Canada grew 107% in 2019, but illegal sellers still dominate with 70% of sales, according to new data from StatsCanada. Total cannabis sales also declined 7% from the previous year where illegal sellers held 86% of the market…

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GMP helps with pharmaceutical-grade treatments for patients with:

Autism                               Colitis

Epilepsy                             Crohn’s disease

Parkinson’s disease         Bowel disease

Multiple sclerosis             PTSD

Metastatic cancer            Tourette syndrome

Liver cancer                      Fibromyalgia

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Official Sponsor: Physicians Conference, APRIL 24, 2020

Toronto, York University – Learn more

We advocate for and educate patients, providers, and governments on the safe, effective use of medical cannabis. 

We work passionately towards a future where untreatable conditions are managed, suffering is reduced, and hope is restored.


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