Travel Within Canada

Patients may travel with their medical cannabis on airlines domestically and all product should be carried on the patient’s person or in carry-on luggage with proof of patient registration and in the original container with the patient’s authorization information provided on the label. The client care team at NorthCann Medz Inc. is available 24/7 to confirm patient status and provide the amount of cannabis our patients are legally entitled to carry if required by law enforcement officers, airport authorities, airline staff etc. The acceptable amounts for carrying medical cannabis on airlines are the same as possession for a dry flower product. Oil in capsules must be of a total volume less than 100ml.

Travel Outside of Canada

When travelling outside of Canada, patients must contact the embassy or the consulate of the country they are visiting to inquire about permission to bring the medicinal cannabis with them. Allow plenty of time prior to traveling outside of Canada to determine permission and means of obtaining permission if applicable. Some countries, such as the USA, do not allow medical cannabis to be transported into the country.