Medical Cannabis in the Workplace

Employers have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all employees at the workplace. They must address physical and/or psychological hazards in their workplace including impairment and develop protocols to monitor and prevent hazardous activities from occurring. Under the Canadian Human Rights Act, employers have the obligation and duty to accommodate, to the point of undue hardship, an employee who has identified as having a disease, injury or disability, including substance dependence and an authorization to use cannabis for medical purposes.

It is the employee’s responsibility to understand the impact that using substances (medical/therapeutic or non-medical) can have on their safety and that of others. They must inform their employer if a medical condition or treatment may cause impairment and impact their ability to perform their job safely and follow all instructions provided by the employer concerning the health and safety of employees. NorthCann Medz Inc. healthcare practitioners will be able to provide a work fitness certificate along with a copy of the patient’s authorization to employers concerned about impairment in the workplace.